Expert acts

The role of the expert is to answer the client’s questions professionally and comprehensively within the framework of individual expert acts, fairly and impartially. The client’s questions must be clearly defined in the assignment. My strengths are practical experience and a general overview of the legal norms that regulate the conditions of transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, inland waterway and maritime transport.

I perform the following expert acts for the contracting authorities:

  • expert opinion and its supplement
  • expert view or confirmation
  • expert statement
  • explanation

All performed expert acts are kept in the expert diary under the serial number. For additional information, please contact me by phone or by the email listed on this website.

Ing. Luboš HALAMA, PhD.
Authorized expert enrolled in list of experts of Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic
Field: 28 00 00 Transportation
Branch: 28 01 01 Transport, forwarding, shipping

T: +421 902 341 031